Zenii Mist

R1,300.00 Vat Inc.


The zenii-mist hydrogen-rich water sprayer takes skin care to a whole new level.
Designed to infuse pure water with molecular hydrogen and diffuse it into billions of
nanodroplets which can be absorbed by your skin immediately and provide
revitalization like never before.

Achieve maximum moisture, reduce oxidative damages on
the skin, slow the aging process, reduce and reverse skin

Our skin is constantly exposed to reactive oxygen species (so-called ROS) from
environmental pollution, UV radiation, and more. This is the fundamental reason
why our skin ages. Visible signs of the aging process are wrinkles dryness and even
skin disease.

The zenii-mist hydrogen nano sprayer is designed to help you achieve maximum
moisture, reduce oxidative damage on the skin and slow down the aging process
giving you a younger and healthier looking skin.

The zenii-mist is the only hydrogen nano sprayer using ultrasonic mist technology
which vibrates over a sequence of 120,000 times per second, creating the finest
nanoparticle mist for best skin absorption. Simply slide down the switch and the
zenii-mist instantly generates a soft mist of hydrogen rich water.
The nano size hydrogen water particles can easily penetrate into the deepest parts
of your skin and neutralize the highly damaging free radicals right at its source.

The zenii-mist is compact and comfortable to hold. Using a micro USB makes it
easy to charge your zenii-mist anywhere. With the zenii-mist you can finally say
goodbye to dry, damaged skin and start enjoying a refreshed glow!

Benefits of Using Hydrogen Water For Skin
• Neutralizes free radical damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS).
• Anti-inflammatory power after UV damage or sunburn.
• Fights acne, sterilizes up to 99% of bacteria and eliminates waste.
• Creates nano size water particles through patented electrolysis technology
for faster skin absorption and maximum moisturization.
• Hydrogen water has conclusively demonstrated in medical and scientific
studies to fight various skin diseases.

Product Features
• Compact, elegant and stylish design.
• Ultrasonic mist technology provides nano-size fine water particles.
• Instant generation of Molecular Hydrogen water up to 800 ppb.
• Food Grade BPA Free Safe Materials.
• High-grade platinum with titanium coated electrodes, providing maximum
hydrogen gas (H2) concentration.
• Long-lasting rechargeable polymer lithium battery.
• Micro USB charging capability with water-resistant charging port cap.
• Highly reinforced plastic parts for maximum durability with built-in water



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